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White Horse Ranch is a Residential Treatment Facility For Troubled Girls

white horse ranch troubled girls residential treatment facilityWhite Horse Ranch is located on a ranch setting in the northwest part of Oklahoma. We are a welcoming and friendly Residential Treatment Facility. We serve as a home for troubled girls, ages 12 to 18 who are in crisis and in need of hope and healing.

We provide specialized Integrated Therapeutic services for teenage girls who have Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues, being especially supportive of the emotional, cognitive, physical, social, and moral development of each young woman.

White Horse Ranch's qualified clinical staff encourage positive lifestyle changes within each girl, helping to improve her coping, communication, and decision making. Our professional and caring staff provides girls with in-depth Therapeutic Treatment and equip others who share a similar calling to impact children, families, and their future generations.

The Clinical Approach Taken By White Horse Ranch Staff To Treat Troubled Girls

residential treatment facility troubled girls white horse ranch

The White Horse Ranch Therapeutic staff assesses each troubled girl within the scope of the American Society of Addiction Medicine scale prior to intake, in order to determine severity levels of addictive behavior or risky behavior.

Following admission, each troubled girl is assessed using the T-ASI, also known as the Teen Addiction Severity Index. Licensed Therapists also provide each girl with a biological, psychological, and social assessment, along with a family history. This assessment helps provide insight for each troubled girl’s Individualized Treatment Plan.

Each girl is personality tested to help her understand her own personality and particular situational reactions. As each girl learns she has the ability to modify negative behavior patterns, the Treatment Team raises each girl’s Behavior Expectancy Factor, while only reinforcing positive behaviors.

Equine Therapy Benefits Troubled Girls at White Horse Ranch

Upon final admission to White Horse Ranch, each girl is assigned a specific horse for the duration of her treatment. Each girl is responsible for the feeding, care and grooming for her assigned Therapy horse.

Each girl meets with the White Horse Ranch Treatment Team consisting of a Psychiatrist, a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and a Registered Nurse on a weekly basis. Each week Treatment Plans are reviewed and updated when each girl meets with the Ranch Treatment Team.

Each troubled girl at our residential treatment facility also receives over 21 therapeutic hours each week, including a one hour session of individual Therapy, as well as 1 hour of Family Therapy.

The Role of Family in the Care of Troubled Girls at White Horse Ranch Residential Treatment Facility

residential treatment facility white horse ranch troubled girlsFamily is a crucial part of each girl’s treatment; White Horse Ranch staff strives to make sure that the whole family has the opportunity to heal together.

Each girl’s program includes in depth therapeutic treatment using Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Working with therapeutic horses provides each girl with honest, non-judgmental insight. Therapeutic horses quickly become non-verbal, metaphorical mirrors, revealing “root” issues within each girl more quickly than using the psychoanalytic model of treatment.

While still within a healing setting, each troubled girl at White Horse Ranch residential treatment facility receives excellent academic instruction during the school year, even though they do not attend public school. White Horse Ranch contacts with a local School District to provide on-site Certified teachers, during the evening hours of the program. Each troubled girl has an individualized academic plan and is provided with a personal computer for all academics.

Prior to completion of the White Horse Ranch residential treatment facility program, each troubled girl meets with her Treatment Team to finalize her aftercare Treatment Plan. This aftercare Treatment Plan encourages her continued healing and well being, helping her to utilize her newly learned coping and communication skills she acquired during her during her stay at White Horse Ranch.

White Horse Ranch

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