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When dealing with troubled girls, it can be essential for parents to have access to as much information as possible.  By learning more about the issues your daughter is struggling with, you will be better able to decide how to help.  This resource page will be continually adding articles about a wide range of problems troubled girls experience and helping to guide parents towards the right treatment options.  If you have a daughter who is struggling, we encourage you to look through these articles for more information about what she is going through and what your treatment choices are.  At White Horse Ranch, we understand who difficult this process can be for a family but we encourage you to learn as much as possible.  If you are in need of our help, don't hesitate to contact us today at 866-492-8774.

List of Articles to Help Parents of Struggling Girls:

Criminal Behavior In Troubled Girls

Promiscuity In Troubled Girls

Learning Disorders In Troubled Girls

How Divorce Impacts Girls

Eating Disorders In Girls

Anger Problems In Troubled Girls

How Residential Treatment Centers Help Troubled Girls

Alcohol Use In Troubled Girls

How Drug Abuse Impacts Troubled Girls

Are Troubled Girls At Increased Risk For Suicide

Helping Troubled Girls Overcome Their Fears

Helping Troubled Girls Avoid Suicidal Ideation

Troubled Girls Dealing With Struggles Related to Adoption

Finding the Source of Anger in Troubled Girls

Helping Troubled Girls Understand the Reasons for Their Behavior

Helping Troubled Girls Achieve Change Through Therapy

Knowing the Warning Signs for Troubled Girls

The Importance of Setting in Therapy for Troubled Teens

The Virtues of Equine Therapy for Troubled Girls

What Horses Can Teach Troubled Girls

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