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For Girls Only! White Horse Ranch is an All Girl Residential Treatment Facility for Troubled Girls

all girl troubled girls residential treatment facility white horse ranchThe issues facing troubled girls put them in a separate category from other girls. The issues facing troubled girls can sometimes seem to put them on a different planet altogether compared to the issues facing similarly troubled adolescent boys. That is why the staff of White Horse Ranch (866-492-8774) believes that the only clinically responsible decision is to place girls in an environment where their specific needs can be addressed. White Horse Ranch is a residential treatment facility for troubled girls facing substance abuse with co-occurring issues.

The Difference a Single Decision Makes for Troubled Girls

There are many great co-ed programs out there, but we believe wholeheartedly that the most effective therapeutic choice is to focus on the issues in a way that makes the most sense for the adolescent girls we specialize in. Troubled girls who come to our residential treatment facility will find many opportunities for healing, an understanding, therapy-minded staff and plenty of room to develop and grow through positive, transformative experiences. To learn more about our For Girls Only! philosophy, call White Horse Ranch at 1-866-492-8774.

For Girls Only! is a Policy That Can Protect Troubled Girls

girls troubled girl trouble residential treatment facilityImagine a seeing place where someone understands.
Imagine a knowing place where someone sees your true potential.
Imagine a place where your voice is not only heard but respected.
Imagine not being alone. Imagine people caring.
Imagine a green place where shadows of self-destruction can not grow.
Imagine standing for and speaking truth.
Imagine a place where you are loved anyway.
Imagine believing you are wonderful.
Imagine having eyes wide open, fully awake to blue sky.
Imagine their shadows no longer falling on you.
Imagine being stronger than the monsters inside you.
Imagine having the courage to feel safe enough to stop…to stop running.
Imagine you living together peacefully with yourself.
Imagine reclaiming your life back from those who took.
Imagine changing the way you look at past stuff.
Imagine free falling. Imagine free falling into love with your self.
Imagine setting the past in the past forever.
Imagine peacefully allowing the balance of karma to flow.
Imagine choosing to releasing anger and inhaling the sweet victory of hope.
Imagine loving people anyway—even when you might not have it in you.
Imagine knowing you have chosen life.
Imagine sending and receiving balance, justice, love, and peace.
Imagine your dreams. Imagine them coming true.
Imagine being at a place where you actually celebrate it all.

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