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Parents' Corner is a Place for Parents to Learn About the Issues Affecting Troubled Girls

parents troubled girls white horse ranchIt can be difficult for parents to know just exactly what is going with their daughter when troubled girl type behavior patterns emerge. Typically, girls will go through difficult times during adolescence. For some girls, these difficulties can overtake normal behavior and create serious problems. Teenage girls can be secretive about what's going on in their lives, often seeming to shut down communication and push away the loving attention of even the best of parents. During this secretive time, it can be tough to recognize some of the warning signs of troubled girl behavior.

Because many of the issues that emerge during this time can be extremely serious it is absolutely necessary for parents to respond with swift action when they see problematic routines emerge. Some adolescent problems will pass and be forgotten, while other more serious issues can come with deadly serious consequences if ignored.

Warning Signs of Troubled Girls Parents Should Know About

Parents corner is a place for parents of troubled girls to examine the behaviors discussed below as they may or may not relate to the behavior of their troubled girl. If the behaviors below are present, there is help available. White Horse Ranch is an environment of healing for troubled girls. Our program combines the best of a clinical therapy setting with the rugged and majestic backdrop of an authentic Ranch.

This back to basics approach has yielded great success with troubled girls. To learn more about how White Horse Ranch can help your troubled girl, call 1-866-492-8774.

Below are some signs that your child may be in crisis

Emotional Changes in Troubled Girls

  • Persistently sad and/or hopeless Cries
  • suddenly and/or often Regular extreme angry outbursts that seem like an overreaction
  • Phobias and/or fears that seem exaggerated
  • She states she feels "controlled" by bad thoughts
  • Excessive worry and/or anxiety Bizarre behavior, such as temper tantrums, rambling speech, paranoid

Behavioral Changes

  • Dramatic decline in school performance
  • She is no longer interested in activities she once enjoyed
  • Isolates herself avoiding friends and family
  • Changes peer group and avoids introducing new friends to family
  • Suicidal threats or ideas being verbalized concerning suicide
  • Significant change in how she expresses herself, possibly being more agitated or more depressed than usual. Possibly confusion in speech, often more unreasonable.
  • Destructive toward self, others, animals or property
  • Dramatic changes in appearance, such as clothing, body piercing, tattoos, accompanied by changes in behavior
  • Change in level of hygiene where she no longer cares about personal appearance

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