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When you have a girl who is struggling, the best option for getting her help is often a therapeutic boarding school.  White Horse Ranch is a therapeutic boarding school that uses unique programs and treatment methods to help your daughter overcome any issues she may be facing.  We specialize in helping girls dealing with issues such as anger, poor grades, eating disorders, depression, promiscuity, and drug & alcohol abuse.  If your daughter is struggling with any of these issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.  Professional help can often make a huge difference in a struggling girl's life.  By contacting us, you will be taking the first step towards helping your daughter overcome her difficulties and live a healthier, happier life.  If you or someone you know is in need of our assistance please contact us at 866-492-8774.  We can help!

How Therapeutic Boarding Schools Help

The first thing parents should know about therapeutic boarding schools is how advantageous it can be for your daughter recovery to be in a new environment.  Because your daughter will be staying with us, she will be removed from any negative peer pressure and allowed to focus completely on making positive life changes.  In many cases, this allows troubled girls to approach their problems from a new perspective and deal with them more effectively.  At White Horse Ranch, we offer several unique programs that will aid your daughter through this transition.  Our most successful program is equine therapy.  This program allows girls to interact extensively with our horses, teaching them new skills while building responsibility and self-discipline.  Girls who go through the equine therapy often come out of treatment with an entirely new perspective on life.  Some of the other important programs we offer are art therapy and yoga.  Through the combined use of all these treatments, our staff seeks to offer your daughter the compassionate support she requires as she works to change her life. If you have a daughter who is struggling, please don't hesitate to seek out professional assistance.  We truly believe that your daughter can overcome her issues and live a better life.  If you have a daughter who needs help, please contact White Horse Ranch today at 866-492-8774.

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