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Introducing The White Horse Foundation

residential treatment facility troubled girls white horse ranchThe White Horse Foundation was founded to form an organization that reflects the values of the White Horse Ranch program. Helping troubled girls is a deep and rewarding exercise that makes the world a better place, one troubled girl at a time. Every troubled girl is entitled to be happy, and the work done at our residential treatment facility is geared toward helping troubled girls progress toward the goal of being strong, positive forces within their community. To that end, we formed the White Horse Foundation in order to help facilitiate the vision we share to help troubled girls.

White Horse Foundation Efforts Reinforce Lessons in our Residential Treatment Center Program For Troubled Girls

We believe that working in the community strengthens the ties that troubled girls feel to each other, to the world at large and to their own developing value systems. Additionally, the White Horse Foundation organization allows to conduct a wide array of outreach programs and to provide scholarships to qualified girls. Treating troubled girls is our mission, and the White Horse Foundation is the realization of our hopes and work.

How The White Horse Foundation Works To Promote The Cause of Helping Troubled Girls Through Our Residential Treatment Center and Beyond

White Horse Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established to support the educational, therapeutic, and community outreach programs of White Horse Ranch.
Foundation scholarships are often provided for qualifying clients at White Horse Ranch. Scholarships are also funded for excellent, high- achieving students devoted to a life of serving others.
White Horse Ranch Foundation is funded by monetary and in-kind gifts from generous caring individuals, community groups, civic clubs and organizations.

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